Covid-19 Resources

Museums face a number of new challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here you will find resources for your museum to cope with these challenges and to thrive during these unprecedented times. The information below is organized into resources regarding Visitors, Staff, and Collections & Museum Maintenance. Information changes rapidly, and this site will update every four months to reflect the best information available.

This post was last updated December 2020

State Mandates

Up-to-date information vital to ensuring the safety of staff and visitors regarding the compliance of your institution with state mandates that affect their operative status.

  • COVID-19 Updates
    Recent data and analysis on COVID-19 affecting cultural institutions.

Latest Information

The latest COVID-19 case numbers, including national and state specific statistics for the Mid-Atlantic region. This data can help your institution make informed decisions.


CDC – COVID Data Tracker

Mid-Atlantic Region:




New Jersey

New York

Washington, D.C.


West Virginia

COVID-19 Staff Resources

COVID-19 Visitor Resources

COVID-19 Collections & Museum Maintenance Resources


Museum Studies 2014 SWAT at Upper Bay Museum, where graduate students doing curatorial work, cleaning, photographing and marking of the collections, cataloguing artifacts and preliminary assessment of of light, temperature and relative humidity conditions in the building. Nicole Belolam (PhD student) working in the “Decoy Shop”.

Got bugs?  Learn all about pesticide-free Integrated Pest Management here


Internship Program Resources

Making It Count: Professional Standards and Best Practices in Building Museum Internship Programs by Pamela S. Schwartz is a comprehensive overview that can help you decide what best practices to adopt in planning an organized internship program (PDF).

The National Council on Public History Curriculum and Training Committee published “Best Practices in Public History: Public History Internships”  which features a list of eight recommendations when designing a public history internship (PDF).

This short, general AASLH blog post by Deborah Baker titled “Interns 101” outlines tips and other considerations when setting up an internship program.

Looking to diversity your applicant pool? These tips from the American Alliance of Museums will help.

This Museum 2.0 blog post titled “A Shared Ethics for Museum Internships” by CUNY lecturer and former manager of the Guggenheim Internship program Michelle Millar Fisher explores the ethics of unpaid museum internships.

From The Technology Council of Central Pennsylvania, “Starting and Maintaining a Quality Internship Program” includes step-by-step instructions and a sample intern evaluation form.