Hazardous Materials


This is the page where you can find introductory information about how to care for the hazardous materials in your museum collection.

Best Practices

Stephanie Lampkin at Sustaining Places has put together this brief guide to working with hazardous objects in your collection. It covers storage; identification and proper handling; record-keeping; battling contamination; and object-specific advice.

Della Keyser at Sustaining Places wrote this guide to handling medicines in your collections. It offers advice on risk management, storage and display, what medicine is safe to keep, and how to best dispose of unsafe chemicals.

The National Park Service Conserve-O-Grams include this one on Hazardous Materials in Your Collection.

The Smithsonian Institution Green Team published this newsletter on plastics in your collection. It discusses issues of off-gassing, the deterioration of plastics, and safe handling practices.