Storage & Housing

What are the basic guidelines for storage and housing? Where can I start? 

Archival documents require housing (storage) in acid-free folders and boxes, like those for purchase here from Gaylord, in order to prevent their deterioration. 

A four flap (or book house) can protect a book in storage. This video from the Sustainable Heritage Network shows to make one.

Environmental control helps you preserve your items. This guide from the Northeast Document Conservation Center outlines basic prevention and environment control for an archive. It covers temperature, relative humidity, light, and air quality. 

If you are creating or adapting a space to house an archive, planning is essential. This resource from Libraries Now! outlines recommended practices and provides resources for planning archival storage.

If you have large items, like maps, in your collection, they’ll need separate storage. This storage guide from GIS Lounge outlines how they can be safety stored.