Web Design

What is web design?

In a digital age, the functionality and appearance of a website is most visitors’ first impression of an institution. Attractive, functional, and accessible web design will allow your institution to develop a impactful digital identity.

Web design refers to the creation and maintenance of websites. This includes, but is not limited to: creating web pages with effective user interfaces, refining user experience, integrating graphic design, and search engine optimization (SEO) to improve the visibility of your site on web searches. Web design is its own proper profession requiring a range of technical knowledge and skills, but the modern tools built into affordable web hosting services give users the ability to D.I.Y. it on a budget.

Where can I start?

I need to …
… build a website from start to finish.Website services
Web design fundamentals
Markup code tutorials
Graphic design
… make sure my website is accessible.Website accessibility
… redesign my website.Web design fundamentals
Design resources
… create graphics for my website.Graphic design
Design resources
… add more visual interest to my website.Web design fundamentals
Design resources
… troubleshoot an issue with my site.Markup code tutorials
Troubleshooting resources

What can I find in these pages?

  • Website services looks at the different ways you can host a website.
  • Web design fundamentals explains the basics of creating an effective website, including accessibility considerations, organizing your site’s layout, and selecting colors and fonts.
  • Graphic design includes resources that address general principles of visual design along with the considerations of digital images; suggested programs to create graphics are included, as well.
  • Additional resources includes links to free design resources as well as a set of troubleshooting tools and resources.
  • Markup code tutorials provides an opportunity for motivated learners to pick up different coding languages.