This is the page where you can find introductory information about how to care for the metals in your museum collection.

Best Practices

The Victoria & Albert Museum guide to care for your metal objects. This guide can help you to identify different types of metals and issues like corrosion.

The Benson Ford Research Center provides a fact sheet on The Care and Preservation of Historical Iron.

The National Park Service provides a “Conserve O Gram” on Caring for Silver and Copper Alloy Objects.”


Silver Cleaning and Care, a resource from the Hammond-Harwood House and City of Bowie Museums Collector’s Corner Workshop Series, provides tips on preventing and removing tarnish and proper storage.The National Park Service “Conserve O Gram” on creating a microclimate box for metal storage. Microclimate boxes are often used to store metals and decelerate corrosion.The Canadian Conservation Institute created a comprehensive guide to caring for metal objects in heritage collections. Metals Collection Care, a resource from Museums and Galleries Scotland.


This video will show you how to clean silver in your collection:

This video will show you how to clean copper in your collection:

This video will demonstrate best practices for storing your jewelry: