Digital Strategy & Content

What is Digital Strategy?

In the last twenty years, GLAMPE institutions have begun to recognize the Information Age’s immense potential to reach new audiences, collect digitized materials, and tell stories in completely new ways. But as Rolling Stone points out, many museums don’t have clear guidelines for using the digital realm. The key to solving this problem is a digital strategy. Just like a strategic plan, a digital strategy lays out the organization’s vision for impacting its audiences and communities — only it focuses on how digital technologies will help them do it.

Future Museum has collected a series of case studies on museums that have crafted their own digital strategies, and this provides a useful series of examples for an organization starting out.

In the following categories, you will find specific areas that your Digital Strategy should cover:

Web DesignGuidelines and resources for building or improving an institutional website.
Website AccessibilityGuidelines and resources for making your website accessible to everyone.
Digital CollectionsSuggestions for considering digital collections (discussed under our Collections tab)
Digital MarketingGuidelines and resources for marketing your institution using digital tools.
Social MediaGuidelines on how to choose and develop content for social media platforms.
Digital StorytellingWays your institution can tell a story digitally through digital exhibits and social media
Digitally Enhancing Visitor ExperienceHow your institution can affordably use playlists, podcasts, and augmented or virtual reality to enhance visitor experience.
Virtual ProgrammingWhich virtual programs and events to organize for your institution including webinars, online workshops, and distance learning resources.