The many mechanics of operating a museum or historical site can seem daunting. Administrative tasks range from developing long-term strategic plans to maintaining relationships with staff and communities and, of course, managing budgets. In the “Administration” section of Sustaining Places, we break down the different elements of administrative work into three major areas: governance, finance, and human resources. Within these subsections, you’ll find definitions, examples, and other sources of information that will help you effectively and efficiently manage your organization.

GovernanceThis section covers the overarching legal responsibilities and structural components of a running museum or related organization: Mission Statements & Strategic Planning, Board Development, and Legalities
FinanceThis section outlines three keys areas of financial management: Budgets, Fundraising and Development, Insurance, and Grants
Human ResourcesHere you will find resources to support your human resources in the museum: HR Strategies, Employees, Internships and Fellowships, and Volunteers