COVID-19 Visitor Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced new challenges to providing visitors a fulfilling museum experience. Here you will find resources for small museums and historic sites to serve their visitors during COVID-19. This section contains Safety Procedures and Digital Outreach resources.

COVID-19 Resources Main Page | | This page was last updated December 2022

Safety Procedures 

Here are resources on safety considerations when reopening your institution, including establishing and maintaining social distancing policies. 

  • American Alliance of Museums: Preparing for closures or re-closures
    Considerations for reopening and re-closures as COVID-19 continues to affect staffing. Guide to managing collections, developing communication plans and managing remote work with additional links embedded.

Reaching a Digital Audience

Even though the pandemic is having less of an effect on institutional operations, fluctuations in staffing and outbreaks, are changing how institution’s interact with the public. A primary concern you might have at this time is how your institution can sustain a relationship with its public. A digital presence can help maintain and build audiences while you navigate re-opening and re-closures. Below you can find a list of resources that will help you navigate social media platforms and earn income through digital content. Please see our Digital Strategy and Content page for further information, tips, and support!