Museum Security

In this section, you will find resources for the security of museum building, grounds, collections, staff, and visitors.  


The Museum, Library, and Cultural Properties Council of ASIS International “Suggested Practices for Museum Security”  (52 pages, revised in 2006) are not standards rather they are recommendations for protecting your collections.

The National Park Service Museum Handbook has a chapter on “Museum Collections Security and Fire Protection“provides a detailed overview of fire protection, physical security, electronic security systems, and reporting stolen objects.

These leaflets from the Northeast Document Conservation Center will provide you with additional information on fire protection as well as protecting collections from construction damage (fire, water, chemical hazards) during renovation and creating a security plan and survey.  Each leaflet provides a short bibliography for additional resources.

An Introduction to Fire Detection, Alarm, and Automatic Fire Sprinklers
Protecting Collections During Renovation
Collections Security: Planning and Prevention for Libraries and Archives (Sample Patron Registration Form and Sample Procedures Information Sheet included)

The Minnesota Historical Society “Thinking Ahead about Museum Protection” outlines physical protection of property and protection from natural disasters and other incidents.  The article provides practical advice for small museums for seven different types of security programs.