COVID-19 Collections & Museum Maintenance Resources

Care and upkeep of collections remain important during the COVID-19 pandemic. This section contains resources for the care and usage of collections, and practices adapted to the new cleaning policies and procedures under COVID-19. You will also find the use of collections in [digital outreach]. It is divided into three sections: Cleaning & Collections Care, Online Collections, and Building & Grounds Maintenance Care.

COVID-19 Resources Main Page | | This page was last updated December 2020

Cleaning & Collections Care

There are new challenges and concerns in collections care. Find resources below to guide you in caring for your collection while also maintaining proper COVID-19 cleaning procedures.

Cleaning Collections

  • REALM Project – Research
    Results of tests performed by a consortium of the OCLC and IMLS on the viability of the COVID-19 on typical library, archive, and museum surfaces over time.

Cleaning Museum Spaces

Online Collections

While many institutions remain closed or at limited capacity, museums should still strive to connect with their audience digitally.

  • Digital Archives
    Making collections available online, with options for social distancing at the site.
  • Social Media
    A guide to social media as a museum or historic site.

Building & Grounds Maintenance Care

Find information below on how to care for and sanitize your outdoor spaces, with resources for institutions with gardens and animal collections.