COVID-19 Resources (2020)

**This page contains all the COVID-19 information and resources Sustaining Places created and linked during 2020. As the guidelines and responses to the pandemic have changed, the new Sustaining Places COVID-19 resources have been revised to reflect those changes.

Museums face a number of new challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here you will find resources for your museum to cope with these challenges and to thrive during these unprecedented times. The information below is organized into resources regarding Visitors, Staff, and Collections & Museum Maintenance. Information changes rapidly, and this site will update every four months to reflect the best information available.

This page was last updated December 2020

State Mandates

Up-to-date information vital to ensuring the safety of staff and visitors regarding the compliance of your institution with state mandates that affect their operative status. 

  • COVID-19 Updates
    Recent data and analysis on COVID-19 affecting cultural institutions.

Latest Information

The latest COVID-19 case numbers, including national and state specific statistics for the Mid-Atlantic region. This data can help your institution make informed decisions. 


CDC – COVID Data Tracker

Mid-Atlantic Region:




New Jersey

New York

Washington, D.C.


West Virginia

COVID-19 Staff Resources

During the crises caused by the pandemic, museums must continue to serve their staff with empathy and care for their well-being. This section contains information on meeting the internal challenges in the COVID-19 crisis, such as Financial and Mental Health Resources.

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This section is designed to connect small museum administrators and museum professionals with resources that may assist in applying or federal financial assistance, or identify alternative funding sources for COVID-19 relief.

Financial Resources for Museums

Financial Resources for Museum Employees

Mental Health

Working from Home and Work-Life Balance

Mental Health Resources

COVID-19 Visitor Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced new challenges to providing visitors a fulfilling museum experience. Here you will find resources for small museums and historic sites to serve their visitors during COVID-19. This section contains Safety Procedures and Digital Outreach resources.

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Safety Procedures 

Here are resources on safety considerations when reopening your institution, including establishing and maintaining social distancing policies. 

Reaching a Digital Audience

A primary concern you might have at this time is how your institution can sustain a relationship with its publics. A digital presence can help maintain and build audiences while you determine whether to reopen or remain closed to in-person visits. Below you can find a list of resources that will help you navigate social media platforms and earn income through digital content.

Navigating Social Media Platforms

Earning Income through Digital Content

Links providing guidance on online event programming, including opportunities to monetize digital content:

Making Digital Content Accessible

Links providing guidance for creating a digital presence that is accessible: 

COVID-19 Collections & Museum Maintenance Resources

Care and upkeep of collections remain important during the COVID-19 pandemic. This section contains resources for the care and usage of collections, and practices adapted to the new cleaning policies and procedures under COVID-19. You will also find the use of collections in [digital outreach]. It is divided into three sections: Cleaning & Collections Care, Online Collections, and Building & Grounds Maintenance Care.

COVID-19 Resources Main Page | | This page was last updated December 2020

Cleaning & Collections Care

There are new challenges and concerns in collections care. Find resources below to guide you in caring for your collection while also maintaining proper COVID-19 cleaning procedures.

Cleaning Collections

Cleaning Museum Spaces

Online Collections

While many institutions remain closed or at limited capacity, museums should still strive to connect with their audience digitally.

  • Digital Archives
    Making collections available online, with options for social distancing at the site.
  • Digital Technology
    An overview of digital technology with links to several resources.
  • Social Media
    A guide to social media as a museum or historic site.

Building & Grounds Maintenance Care

Find information below on how to care for and sanitize your outdoor spaces, with resources for institutions with gardens and animal collections.