Full and Part Time Staff

This section focuses primarily on human resource information for museums for longer term/permanent employees. Directly below are informative websites that discuss diverse perspectives and identities in museum which are targeting visitors as well as museum professionals. This list is not exhaustive but rather a start to helping your museum address diversity and inclusion from a human resource perspective.

Organizations Focusing on Diverse Museum Experiences

Human Resources

What is the value of Human Resources for Museums? Christine Engel, SHRP of the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art shares with AAM the value of Human Resources in all museum sizes.

Perhaps you do not have enough resources to devout to a staff member or department, the Western Museums Association provides A Crash Course in Human Resources for Emerging Professional.

Are you in need of developing or updating your human resource manual? The Canadian Museum Association has provided an extensive list of Human Resource Guidelines to help improve or create your own manual.

The American Alliance of Museums has created the LGBTQ Welcoming Guidelines for Museums as a checklist/assessment for museums to use when working with LGBTQ professionals and communities.

Are you looking to attract new talent or list a job? Group for Education in Museums (GEM) created two templates for potential openings: Project Coordinator and Project Manager. (These examples are UK based and will required editing based on your institution’s needs).

The Association of Academic Museums and Galleries has many resources for art related content. For example if you are looking to bring in a contract or guest curator, provided by the College Arts Association a Guest Curator Template.