Small Museum of the Month- Newark Historical Society

This month we are featuring the Newark Historical Society, located in Newark, Delaware. As a small museum, one challenge can be accessibility and visibility of your collection and site. With these concerns of attracting visitors, the Newark Historical Society is an excellent example of how to work around such limitations.

The Newark Historical Society is open to the public only on Sundays from 2 pm to 5 pm April through November. That does not mean visitors cannot visit the collection and exhibitions. Through local community partnerships and local businesses, the Newark Historical Society can highlight their collection year-round through local business. Through using board relationship, the Newark Historical Society creates external exhibitions in display cases around the community. One partnership came from a board member who works in a store that is on the main street in Newark. This visibility of the store turns window shopping to museum display space.  One exhibit was celebrating 150 years of the local police, which featured objects such as photos, uniforms, and other police memorabilia.

The Newark Historical Society has received excellent feedback from these external exhibitions as people are made aware of such a space exists. Also, the Newark community takes pride in exhibiting their local history. By doing such exhibits they directly address their mission by connecting the past to the community and bringing attention to the museum.

For museums interested in similar opportunites, it is essential to connect with your board to see where possible exhibition spaces exist. When working with businesses considering a term of agreements for the display of objects outlining installation, security of display and respective responsibilities for example.


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