Small Museum of the Month: The Colored Girls Museum

color photograph of exhibition

color photograph of house museumThis month we are featuring The Colored Girls Museum (TCGM) located in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Colored Girls Museum is a memoir museum, which honors the stories, experiences, and history of Colored Girls. This museum initiates the “ordinary” object—submitted by the colored girl herself, as representative of an aspect of her story and personal history, which she finds meaningful; her object embodies her experience and expression of being a Colored Girl. An impressive roster of Artists, including Painters, Quilters, Art Doll Makers, Sculptors, Designers, Muralist, Landscapist create and inform room installations which further elucidates the objects and the telling of Her-Story.   TCGM is a research facility, exhibition space, community gathering space, and think tank for all those who live as and/or love Colored Girls.

Currently on display in the museum is an exhibition entitled Urgent Care: A Social Care Experience. This exhibition and the works within seek to redefine the concept and practice of “urgent care” from triage to aftercare, according to the website.

color photograph of exhibition

Reception: Featuring “Sitting Pretty” Lavette Ballard, “Communion” photo) Zamani Feeling,
“The Colored Girl” Natalie Brown, and “Fainting Was Not for Me” Destiny Palmer


color photograph of exhibition

The Apothecary: “Four Girls” Lavette Ballard, “Teatime in the Henhouse” Inga Kimberly Brown, and “Is This Seat Taken” Lavette Ballard

Please check out TCGM’s website, instagram, facebook, and youtube channel for more information on the museum, to schedule a visit, and find out about upcoming events!

Images courtesy of  TCGM and Michael Clemmons, from the current exhibit “Urgent Care: A Social Care Experience.”

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